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It’s often said that, in order to move forward you have to look to the past. This can definitely be said about John Joe Somers, who drew inspiration for Durty Nelly’s venture from the memories and stories of his neighbour, Nelly O’Sullivan, a stall holder in the Coal Quay Market in Cork City, Ireland.

A character and a story herself, Nelly was a familiar face all her life in the marketplace. She was always ready with a quick response and a smart piece of wit. She got her name from the old shawl that she wore day in and day out, but never washed. She always reasoned, “Ah sure it’ll only get durty again!”

In her day, the marketplace was the life line of any town or city and, of course, the pub was the lifeline of the market. It was a place to take the weight off your feet with a quick glass of stout or somewhere to meet and agree on a deal with a simple handshake.

And now the traditional Irish marketplace pub has come to Boston and it is aptly named “Durty Nelly’s” after the lady in the shawl herself. A two-story bar nestled on Blackstone Street, Durty Nelly’s serves as lifeline to Haymarket, Boston’s oldest surviving marketplace. Durty Nelly’s has on the first floor a comfortable, cozy little haven for both the traveller and the shopper alike. Overflowing with Irish charm and hospitality, this is just the place to take a break from a hectic day or spend the night with good friends passing away the hours in great conversation. A definite halting spot for lunch, Durty Nelly’s serves appetizers, burgers and hot dogs. Each visit is unique with bartenders creating new, fun concoctions daily and perfecting their highly praised Bloody Mary.

On the second floor, cozy leather couches and lounge chairs welcome the weary traveller as they look out onto some of the best views of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Open on the weekends, patrons can relax while enjoying live music varying from Irish bands to Top 40 DJs. Durty Nelly’s is a quaint, intimate gathering spot. With its great food, comfortable décor and cozy atmosphere, Durty Nelly’s will rapidly become the Emerald Gem of the Rose Kennedy Greenway.